A contemporary twist on historic blending traditions.

The Icon Series is a one-of-a-kind blending approach, where Dixon has access to two proprietary mash bills. One is a low rye 16-18% rye bourbon mash bill and one is a high rye 35% rye bourbon mash bill. No other major player in the industry is blending different distillates from different producers with different mash bills to create unique blends. This differentiation is only accentuated when Dixon double-barrels these proprietary barrels.

The Icon Series is the heart of 2XO. They are a series of limited time offers, small batch releases. Each blend is different and bears its own name and symbol, inspired by the story behind it. The Kiawah Blend is a nod to Dixon’s happy place, where he goes with his family and friends to unwind and recharge. Sometimes you need to step off the grid.

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